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get myself back.

May 16, 2010

So hello again,i have to say that i’m quite surprised with the numbers of visitors, will take it as a support for keep me stop being lazy and continue writing this 😛

As the situation in here is so terrible, the pressure just reminds me of somewhere i just escaped and never get bored of this amazing city…Tokyo.

(Apologized for not being good at photography.)

Although Tokyo might be full of pressure of the people acting like robots with their busy schedules but still, everywhere in this city (or i could say this country) is fulfilled by creativity, with their brilliant ideas of art & designs, stylish architecture, great food and super cawaii culture which is so hard to deny. from all these reasons above, how could we not fall in love with this city?

If only Thailand is half great of this…


I picture your face at the back of my eye.

January 27, 2010

This guy is my new crush!

Brandon Boyd ♥

Well, this is quite strange because I personally don’t like guys with tattoos and piercing. But for Brandon, he’s an exception 😛 Not just his look and his hotness that I like but this guy has got so many talents! not only a vocalist of Incubus but and artist (check out his work here!) also a vegetarian, moreover, most of his tattoos are self-designed, look pretty awesome for me especially the one on his back.

Alternative Rock is type of music I like but Incubus has never been on my favourite band list, just a few songs that I like. Probably because they look a bit too metal. But  after I coincidently found their latest album ‘Monuments and Melodies’  which is their first greatest hits album and listened to this whole album..this band has suddenly become my favourite and I totally fell in love with Brandon and his unique voice.

remember Marc Jacob’s save the skin cancer project? He was one of them who joined this too!

I’ll leave you guys today with this music video which I was once hated it, still looks scary for me though but the lyric is one of the best ever!

I picture your face at the back of my eyes.
A fire in the attic, proof of the prize!
Anna-Molly, Anna-Molly, Anna-Molly.
I’m calling your name up into the air.
Not one of the others could ever compare!
Anna-Molly, Anna-Molly.
(full lyric here)


brand new start.

January 25, 2010

So this is my first time in wordpress, not the first time writing blog though but since I stopped writing online thingy for years so I guess I could say I’m new for this lol

I’ll start the new entry with some of pictures from my toy camera, an Eximus Wide & Slim. I gotta say that I’m not an expert in photographing at all, just love shooting around with my pals. But still, hope you enjoy them as I do 😉

Camera test at the back of my place

Sunday afternoon at JJ weekend market

Petch, still fit in nisit uniform

Mr.Timothy strike a pose in the front of Aksorn.

Henri Dunant Rd.